von Sontausen  German Shepherd Dogs


We are really all about Versatile Working Companion Dogs; selecting for the traits that allow them to go on to earn advanced performance titles, to be great companions, and  reliable outstanding working partners.

High hunt and pack drives make these dogs  driven searchers and ardent workers in the advanced levels of competition and in the real world of Search and Rescue and Law Enforcement, as well as energetic and demanding companions. 

They do have an “off switch” which allows them to be happy relaxing in the house enjoying family time, provided they are given work, exercise and stimulation.  They also have the drive and energy to turn it on, go to work and stay on the job until its done. They require  exercise, training, and interaction with their people, so are available only to handlers who want a dog to work, even if that work is Dock Diving or backpacking. They are not suitable as yard ornaments or couch weights.

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